Savory Beef Brisket

6-8 lbs.   brisket
3              large onions
3              cloves garlic
2              bottles chili sauce

1)  Start by slicing the onions, and mincing the garlic.

2)  In a large roasting pan, combine the brisket, onions, garlic, both bottles of chili sauce.

3)  Refill the chili sauce bottles with water and add to the roasting pan.

4)  Cover the pan tightly and bake for 4+ hours at 300˚ (cooking time will vary by the weight and thickness of the meat).

5)  The water, chili sauce, and juice from the brisket will mingle for a great gravy.  This can be left in the oven until tender when pricked by a fork.

6)  When done, remove and let cool for 10 minutes.  Then slice across the grain and serve with the gravy.  Serve with mashed potatoes.

Recipe submitted by : Kathleen Dybo   (Thanks Mom)
Jeremiah Wiencek